Building Your Thought Leadership “Swipe File” From History

In the first episode of The Authority Muse Podcast, we going to talk about pattern recognition, because that is key to being a thought leader in a number of ways. 

In advertising, marketers use “swipe files,” which are collections of tested and proving advertising and sales letters. They use them for guidance in creating new projects. This technique works because humans tend to react the same way to the same advertising tactics. My suggestion to you is that you use history as your swipe file.

We can use history to spot patterns and take advantage of some of those patterns by using those strategies to build authority in today’s world. 

We call this technique using an “Authority Archetype.” In the podcast, I explain the “Visionary Publisher” archetype, and I point out two seemingly opposite people who both exemplify this archetype. (Spoiler alert: it’s Walt Disney and Hugh Hefner.)

I do hope you’ll give my new podcast a shot.

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