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Building Your Thought Leadership “Swipe File” From History

In the first episode of The Authority Muse Podcast, we going to talk about pattern recognition, because that is key to being a thought leader in a number of ways.  In advertising, marketers use “swipe files,” which are collections of tested and proving advertising and sales letters. They use them for guidance in creating new

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“Matt is probably one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met on this topic. His expertise is very important for the success for both marketing agencies and brand owners. 
I highly, highly recommend working with Matt.”
Anna Mannerfelt
CEO, Wired Mustang, Inc.
"Matt Gordon makes my content better! Every time I’m stuck, he is THE person I turn to for some inspiration.
He is literally a Content Muse (it helps he’s a genius and a marketing historian)."
Doug Foley
Host, Happiness of Pursuit Podcast

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Matt Gordon (and our sweet German Shepherd Dog Bella)

Photo credit: Shayla Gordon

I'm Matt Gordon (and you're not).

Well, maybe you are. Occasionally, someone who shares my name asks if the domain name of my personal site, MattGordon.com, is for sale (it isn’t, but thanks for asking, you obviously handsome, wise, and honorable gentleman!).

Anyways, this Matt Gordon (pictured at left) has made a living in the marketing and advertising industries for almost 30 years, and has combined that experience with a passion for history to become The Authority Muse.

The reason that you haven’t heard of an “Authority Muse” before is because I’m the only one. It means that I help writers, podcasters, marketers, and others with a personal brand (and a mission to change the world) achieve what I call “Generational Prestige.” Especially if they’re not named “Matt Gordon” — because the emails would get too confusing.

And what is “Generational Prestige,” you ask? See below…

"What Is 'Generational Prestige' and How Do I Get It?"

In every generation, there exists a handful of people who are transformative in their own field and in their own way. These extraordinary people are in many walks of life — political and business leaders, inventors, scientists, writers, etc.

If you study the lives of these people and get to “know” them in-depth, you learn that they tend to share a handful of commonalities and follow the same patterns. You can adapt these patterns to modern marketing and use them to establish generational prestige in your market.